Oguz & Seda

January 10, 2017

238df30f-5a4e-507a-8cd7-f9228cec879fAt exactly 10:16 the shadow of the gnomon falls on the diamond, splitting it to two equal parts.

In June 2016, I received an e-mail from my designer colleague Oguz. He was asking me if I could design an engagement ring reflecting ideas behind Neferka for his girlfriend Seda. Translating stories into objects has always been interesting for me. But a friend’s story? Unique opportunity. Working together we thought about what they shared. Time, objects, places, habits. I wanted to focus on a unique part of their lives containing the essence of their relationship. After Skype discussions, and bunch of e-mails back and forth, we ended up at a moment to focus on-10:16 am. The time where they realized they saw each other as lovers. Also the time of day which every morning two lovers would text each other as a habit.


Our lives are full of distractions, social media notifications, thoughts of work to be completed, and other things that prevent us from seeing the true miracles that we are entitled to experience. Despite all, they give a break and create room for love at this time of the day. If all their day is “golden” with their accomplishments, 10:16 must be “diamond” for them. I designed a specific sundial for them, in which the shadow of the gnomon falls on the diamond at 10:16. A ring to eternalize one moment of every day.We decided on a matte finish on the white gold ring to clarify the shadow. Oguz proposed on November 20th, at 10:16 and told her to turn north. As the shadow of the sun hit the diamond from it’s middle they moved one step further through their unique journey of being one. It was a unique opportunity that I enjoyed step by step. I am looking forward to translate other stories into objects. I must thank Oguz for giving me the opportunity, F. Merve Fettahoglu for the fantastic painting that colored the whole experience, and Aleksandr Karpov for his efforts in packaging.