Abby & Brittany

August 3, 2017

I was amazed by the strength of conjoined twins Abby and Brittany after seeing the documentary on them “The Twins who share a body”. In addition to theirs and their family’s, and love for each other and life, the poetry of the two souls sharing a body astonished me.


I think jewelry is an interface of spiritual communication. What we choose to wear, is also about how we choose to identify ourselves. Our jewelry, tattoos, clothes, work as elements that provide the recognition of our unique selves, they are almost utilitarian in a way of being a little windows that shows what is in us in a deeper realm, behind the curtains of the material world. I wanted to celebrate idea of two souls sharing a body, and I designed this piece with the hope of functioning as a communicating symbol of Abby & Brittany's rare and valuable form of existence as conjoined twins. One day I hope to give it to them or another pair of conjoined twins as a gift.


I figured out Abby & Brittany prefer to have a more quiet life so I did not try to reach them out. But just by chance, if this post somehow reaches to them I would love to send this necklace to them or another pair of conjoined twins as a gift. Eli B